February 1, 2012

February 2012 Newsletter

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saint Valentine's Day, commonly called Valentine's Day, is celebrated on February 14. It is traditionally a holiday on which lovers express their feelings for each other by giving flowers or candy, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines"). However, now we tend to give cards and gifts to anyone who is special to us: friends, parents and family members - as well as lovers! As you've likely discovered, Americans love holidays and Valentine's Day has gotten much more popular over the years. So enjoy the day by baking heart shaped cookies or perhaps making hand-made cards. Older children will also enjoy these activities, and their parents will appreciate that their au pair has helped their child do something special!

Education Verification

As you know, the education requirement is a key component of the au pair program. The Department of State requires that all au pairs attend school for 60 hours, or earn 6 units of credit (30 hours for a 6 month extension). AuPairCare is required to verify that each au pair in the program has completed this requirement. In order to comply with this, each au pair must have the "Coursework Completion" documents filled out and signed by the instructor. Printed attendance records will no longer be acceptable. And don't forget that the document has two pages: Page 1 must be signed by the au pair and Area Director. Page 2 must be signed by the teacher. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping AuPairCare compliant with the Department of State regulations!

This Month's Au Pair Activity

We're going to have a mall scavenger hunt! We'll have a list of "items" to find and certain amount of time to "find" them all. I have "items" in quotes because not all of them are "things" - some of the items on the list are "take a picture of such-and-such". We'll meet at Parkway Place Mall (just off Memorial Parkway) at 2pm on Sunday, Feb. 12. We'll be doing a lot of walking, so keep that in mind when choosing your footwear. Don't forget your camera!

Save These Dates

March - Sunday 3/11, details to be determined. AuPairCare has asked Area Directors to follow a particular theme and the details have not yet been worked out.

April - Saturday, 4/21: Harmony Park Safari
Note: dates are subject to change if there's something fun we'd like to do that doesn't correspond with the dates I've chosen. Just let me know what you want to do!

Au Pair Birthdays

There are no Au Pair birthdays this month.


There are no Au Pair arrivals or departures this month.