June 20, 2010

Harmony Park Safari

This month we went on a Safari right here in Huntsville. Since there are only four of us right now, we only needed one car, which was nice! The park is a drive-though safari, so we stayed in the car almost the entire time. It's not a huge park and the circuit didn't actually take very long. There's food for sale at the entrance to the park, and although we didn't buy any, the animals know that incoming cars have lots of food, so we immediately found ourselves surrounded by goats, deer, and ponies. The goats were so upset we didn't have anything for them, that one actually head-butted my car! Eventually the animals moved off the road and we were able to continue our trip. During the rest of the safari we saw more goats, deer, and ponies, as well as camels, emus, peacocks, buffalo, cows, and alligators. At the end of drive we parked and got out to see the turtles and some other reptiles that live inside a small structure. The safari was definitely a great way to see lots of exotic animals up close (and I mean UP CLOSE) from within the safety of the car.

Au Pairs in attendance: Kirsten, Gaby, Isa

June 1, 2010

Newsletter: June 2010

This month we remember to honor our Dads: Father's Day is Sunday, June 20th. While many dads can be hard to shop for, remember that a handmade card is sometimes better than another tie. You may also want to plan a special dinner, or a fun activity.

Summer Safety Tips
The occasional thunderstorm notwithstanding, summer is upon us! If you are caring for your children, keep sunscreen and sun hats handy. If you are in charge of the children near water, never take your eyes off the kids! Water emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye. Always follow the host parents' rules regarding child safety.

June Au Pair Activity
We're going to a baseball game! We'll see The Huntsville Stars play The Montgomery Biscuits on Sat. June 19th. Meet at the ticket counter at 5:45 for the 6:00 game. Tickets are $8; parking is
$4 (cash only for parking). See you there!

Au Pair Arrivals/Departures
This month we are pleased to welcome Laetitia from France! She will arrive on Thursday, June 17th. Please help her feel welcome!
We have no au pair departures this month.