December 20, 2011

Holiday Party

Once again we journeyed to Birmingham for a joint activity with the Birmingham cluster. Lucy hosted us at her home for snacks, conversation, and a game of dirty Santa gift giving. Eliana rode with me and we met up with Vero at the party. We missed Fernanda, who had to work. In the course of the dirty Santa game Eliana opened a pair of fuzzy socks and I opened a digital picture keychain. Someone "stole" the keychain from me, which left me without a gift, so I "stole" a Starbucks gift card from someone else. After the game we enjoyed some birthday cake in honor of Kerry of the Birmingham cluster.

December 1, 2011

December 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to December!

The holidays are here! Thanks to our diverse culture here in the US, there are many holidays to celebrate during December. Christmas is December 25; Hanukkah is celebrated between the 21st and the 28th this year; and Kwanzaa - celebrating African-American heritage and culture - is observed from December 26 to January 1. Whatever holiday your host family celebrates, this is a great opportunity for you to learn about American culture and share holiday traditions from your home country. Try cooking a traditional dish or teaching your host family's children your favorite holiday song from your childhood!

And of course, December 31 is New Year's Eve which everyone likes to celebrate - including host parents. Talk to your host family before making plans for that night as they may be expecting you to work. Au pairs can be asked to work on holidays.

Getting Ready for Winter

Although the calendar still says fall, winter weather is here. Don't forget to bundle up the kids when you take them to the park. Often the temperature warms up later in the day so dressing the little ones in layers is a good idea.

With the changing weather, driving conditions will often require extra caution. Wet or icy roads can be very slippery. If you will be driving, please slow down. Allow extra time when you need to pick up the children so you will not be rushed. Be careful and make sure everyone gets to their destination safely.

Growing AuPairCare in North Alabama

Do you know someone who is a small business owner? Would they be interested in partnering with AuPairCare? Contact me for more information!

December Au Pair Activity

Plan to join us for a combined Huntsville/Birmingham AuPairCare Holiday Party! It will be held at the home of Lucy Edwards, Area Director in Birmingham on Sunday, December 11th at 4pm. Please see the flyer in your inbox for more information.

Save These Dates

January 15 (Sunday) at 2pm, Ice Skating at Benton H. Wilcox Ice Complex
February 12 (Sunday) at 2pm, Mall Scavenger Hunt at Parkway Place Mall

Note: dates are subject to change if there's something fun we'd like to do that doesn't correspond with the dates I've chosen. Just let me know what you want to do!

Au Pair Birthdays

There are no Au Pair birthdays this month.


Arriving here on December 15 is Maria Lasprilla Suarez from Colombia. She will be living in Guntersville. Please join me in welcoming Maria to Alabama!