July 19, 2011

Sam & Greg's

We met at Sam & Greg's Pizzeria and Gelateria on Courthouse Square and enjoyed some great ice cream together. I picked this restaurant for its historic building, which dates from the early 1800s. I was joined by Fernanda, Vero, Gaby, Pam, and Laura, who is visiting Huntsville these two months with her military host family. It was almost the biggest meeting we've ever had! The skies had broken open and the rain was pouring down, but I was so glad that everyone braved the weather for an evening of great conversation. The restaurant is not particularly large and we were fortunate that there was plenty of space available for us. We had so much fun enjoying pizza and ice cream and talking and laughing together that we stayed past closing time. When we realized the wait staff had cleaned everything else up and were waiting for us to finish we reluctantly licked the last bit of ice cream from our spoons, located our umbrellas and headed back into the deluge.

The Italian ice cream was definitely fantastic and I was assured that the pizza lacked nothing, but considering the paid parking (it is downtown after all) and limited seating, this is a venue that I may not add to our list of activities for the future.

July 1, 2011

July 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to July!

This month we celebrate the birthday of the United States! Independence Day is on July 4. On that date in 1776, the founding fathers declared that the United States of America would be its own country, independent of British rule. The holiday is celebrated with parades, barbecues and picnics during the day, and fireworks displays after dark. I hope that you will share the festivities with your host family! July 4 is on Monday this year so many people will take off for a three day weekend. Please note that au pairs do not necessarily get holidays off. If your host family would like you to care for the children that day, they can schedule you to work.

AuPairCare will be closed on Monday, July 4 for the holiday. I will return all calls and emails the following day. As always, if you have an emergency after regular business hours you can call 415-434-8788 and someone will assist you.

Summer Reminders

The sunny weather is finally here, so here are some reminders for summer:

* Don't forget to put sunscreen and/or hats on the children if you're out at the park all day.
* If you are around a pool or other water with the children, never take your eyes off them. Don't trust that a lifeguard will keep them safe. YOU are the lifeguard!
* If you are thinking of taking a summer trip, talk with your host family well in advance about getting time off. Vacation should be taken at a mutually agreed upon time. Planning ahead is important!
* Start now to look for classes that will begin in August or September.

Growing AuPairCare in North Alabama

Do you know someone who is a small business owner? Would they be interested in partnering with AuPairCare? Contact me for more information!

July Au Pair Activity

Thurs. 7/14 at 8pm at Sam & Greg's Pizzeria/Gelateria, 119 North Side Square , Downtown Huntsville. The building dates from the early 1800s and has been a part of Huntsville's original Courthouse Square. Come enjoy some Italian ice cream, coffee, or pizza!

Save These Dates

AUGUST - Sat. 8/13 at 6pm: Huntsville Ghost Walk. Meet at 5:30 in front of Harrison Brothers Hardware (124 Southside Square, Huntsville, AL 35801) Admission is $8 (cash or check only!)

SEPTEMBER - at 3pm: We will meet at Pottery By You, 181 Hughes Road #9, Madison AL. Studio fees are $6 per person and pottery items start at $9.

Note: dates are subject to change if there's something fun we'd like to do that doesn't correspond with the dates I've chosen. Just let me know what you want to do!

Au Pair Birthdays

There are no Au Pair birthdays this month.


There are no Au Pair arrivals or departures this month.